Press Release November 2010

Poise Organic Wellness Studio
Love Life, Live Naturally!

On November, 2010, Poise Organic Wellness Studio officially opens for business to the public with a full line of organic skin care treatments, revitalizing massages, dance studio, café style snack bar, and garment boutique. This one-stop, all-inclusive medi-spa studio has every potential to satisfy their clients from inside out, pampering them from head to toe all within a few steps of each other.

When asked owners of Poise Organic Wellness Studio what was their original vision for the business, they politely and positively answered that they wanted a place where even they could spend an entire day without everyday stressors from everyday living. And from a small little vision came about a 3-story eco-friendly home with 5 private treatment rooms, one full mirrored dance studio, a private corner café, humble collection of garments made up of 100% organic cotton, a Jacuzzi and steam room, off Old Klang Lama on 205 Jalan Sepadu.

“Our lifestyles today consist of being surrounded by poisoning air and pollutants—such as cigarette, industrial smoke, gas waste, sun rays, free radicals from unhealthy food—it is now more critical than ever for us to take measures to remove the toxins from our body, detox by any means necessary,” shared Connie. And the process of removal and cleaning should be easy, should be affordable and accessible; should be professional, safe and something you can share with your friends. That was the idea that gave birth to Poise Organic Wellness Studio and when it opens for business late October, more people will be restored a bounce to their step and be enjoying a much healthier and natural state of living.

Inspired by nature and perfected with Malaysians in mind, Poise Organic Wellness Studio offers their specially designed in-house massages, targeting concentrated areas or overall body’s relaxation. Their complete line of facials, masks and scrubs available all incorporate fresh fruits and plant extracts from local markets along with their selected certified organic skin and body care products, Sophyto. In sync with their vision to be eco-friendly, organic and natural, they will also be featuring garments made of 100% organic cotton in a wide selection of styles.

Of course, beauty is inwardly out. After taking care of the overall shell that houses the body, they have opted to pay tribute and rejuvenate from their clients’ insides. Specially designed and mastered, Poise Studio features a snack bar that will offer herbal teas and natural juices, with raw selections as well as delicious cheesecakes to accompany the café.

So, now imagine your body like a running engine. After so many years of running, how often do you look at the engine that is your wellbeing and say to yourself, “I need to go in for a service, to recharge, to refresh, to make new, etc.?” For most Malaysians, fitting in more than a few waking hours to spend with their friends and families has gotten tough—what, with two hours long traffic jam and endless meetings or camp outs at the office to meet deadlines! Poise’s principle is simple: They want to restore you back to you. They wanted to provide a line of services and a save haven where you can love your life, and Love Life, Live Naturally!

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